Luxury Bedding In Hotelex Beijing "Experience House"


Pacific Coast® Debuts its new Suite Collection

The Pacific Coast® Suite Collection, a luxurious down and feather basic bedding collection, will be featured in Hotelex Beijing's  "Experience House". "Experience House" is an innovative full scale model hotel exhibiting the most sought after hospitality products in the marketplace today. The three-day show will be held at the China National Conference Centre from August 25th to 27th.

The new "Experience House" is the most highly anticipated feature of the show. Built in the center of the exhibition hall, visitors will feel as though they are walking into a small hotel that has been divided into several sumptuously designed rooms. From styling to material selection, "Experience House" represents the latest innovations and trends in the hotel industry. The brands selected for the "Experience House" are all leading players in their categories and Pacific Coast® is proud to be among them. Pacific Coast® was chosen as the exclusive basic bedding brand.

The Pacific Coast® Suite Collection will be featured in the Presidential Suite, the spotlight of the "Experience House". This luxurious collection includes one feather bed, two down comforters, and a selection of down and feather pillows. The combination of products in the Pacific Coast® Suite Collection™ provides the ultimate sleep experience and visually demonstrates the latest hospitality guest room trend, a luxurious and welcoming residential look and feel.

The Pacific Coast® Suite Collection

Pacific Coast® knows that the right pillow can make all the difference in the guest's comfort and sleep experience. The Suite Collection pillows are available in a variety of support styles and offer fluffy, resilient options tailored to meet the needs of each individual guest. The oversized Big Cozy pillow is a versatile addition and provides cozy comfort while reading, writing or curling up to watch television.

Nothing delivers that home-away-from-home look more than a generously filled down comforter. Hotel guests can snuggle into a cozy Pacific Coast® comforter featuring Hyperclean down and no-shift designs. The 100% cotton, Barrier Weave fabrics are soft, breathable and specially woven to keep down from sneaking out. Comforters are available in two warmth levels.

The Pacific Coast® feather bed's no-shift design cradles guests while providing a plush cushioning of support. Guests will feel as though they are sleeping on a cloud.

The Pacific Coast® Suite is a complete sleeping solution designed for hotels that wish to provide the ultimate sleeping experience for all of their guests. As leaders in bedding innovation, Pacific Coast® is continually improving on and developing new designs to improve sleep quality providing stronger guest satisfaction and loyalty.

According to Joana Zhang, Vice President of Pacific Coast Feather Company, the concept of "Experience House" is extremely innovative for Hotelex. "It enables the designers, developers and hotel managers to find the high quality brands they're interested in under one roof. As a manufacturer, we really benefit from this scenario, we are able to visually demonstrate how our products work together to provide a better night's sleep. Our mission is to create the feeling of 'Where Home is on the Way' to all hotel guests through our comfortable and luxurious bedding products."