Hospitality and Retail Markets Are a Target for Advanced Bedding System


BOULDER, CO –  37.5 and Pacific Coast Feather Company today announced an exclusive partnership for filled bedding powered by 37.5 technology. Pacific Coast Feather Company will team with Design Weave to strengthen the 37.5 technology across all bedding product categories. The first advanced bedding system of its kind, bedding with 37.5 technology is proven to control the microclimate next to your skin that helps improve your sleep.

37.5 bedding uses natural particles that both attract moisture vapor and absorb the infrared energy your body naturally emits. These 37.5 particles act as sensors responding to your needs for warmth or cooling. The technology constantly adjusts your personal micro-climate to keep you in the comfort zone all night long. This is the same technology used in high-performance clothing that extends the users comfort range and improves   the user’s physical performance.   

Additionally, 37.5 bedding uses less energy to dry than traditional bedding, reducing energy costs and dryer time by up to 22%. This energy savings in home laundering can translate into a significant cost savings for the hospitality market. Now hotels, casinos, and cruise lines can provide their guests a better night’s sleep while also significantly reducing energy costs in laundering and meeting sustainability goals.

“37.5 technology has revolutionized comfort and performance in outdoor and athletic apparel; now with Pacific Coast’s expertise and commitment, we are poised to do the same with bedding,” said Dr. Gregory Haggquist, founder and Chief Technology Officer at 37.5. “We’ve successfully tested 37.5 bedding at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs where eighty percent of elite athletes stated they preferred the 37.5 sleep system in a blind study over a sleep system without 37.5. Athletes also stated they performed better when sleeping in the 37.5 sleep system, which ties to other research that connects better sleep to improved physical and cognitive ability. With a better night sleep and you can profoundly improve your performance during the day. We are excited to be the exclusive technology that offers a 24-hour comfort and performance story; you can now use 37.5 from your clothing to your bedding.”

“Patented 37.5 technology is unlike anything else in the bedding world today, and our partnership with 37.5 introduces new avenues to utilize technology for a better night’s sleep,” said Joe Crawford, CEO of Pacific Coast Feather Company. “With 37.5 technology we envision many exciting opportunities to connect with consumers and their growing interest for functional sleep products that improve sleep experiences beyond basic comfort.”

Pillows, comforters, mattress pads and sheets included in the 37.5 sleep system will be powered by 37.5 technology in the fabric, and Down or Down Alternative fill.    

 About 37.5

37.5 technology was created by Cocona Inc., a world leader in the development, commercialization and marketing of active particle technologies currently used to enhance the technical performance of clothing, footwear and sleep systems. The Company is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado.

Previously, 37.5 technology was marketed under the Cocona brand name, as the original active carbon particles were derived from coconut shells. The technology has since been expanded to use additional natural materials.

About Pacific Coast Feather Company

Pacific Coast Feather Company is the global leader in the basic bedding industry.  Pillows, comforters, mattress pads, and feather beds from the Company offer premium quality, comfort, support and durability.  As a family owned business, PCFC remains true to its heritage, following the uncompromising European traditions of craftsmanship established in 1884 by Company founder, Joseph Hanauer.