Goose down & feather is better than duck down & feather.

FACT: At equal fi ll power and cleanliness levels there is no difference in quality between duck and goose.
The notion that the species of the bird indicates better quality is often promoted on packaging but in fact, you can have better duck product than goose depending on the fill power or size of down cluster.


White duck/goose down & feather is a higher quality and cleaner than grey duck/goose feather & down.

FACT: Given equal fill power and cleanliness, there is no difference in quality between white and grey feather/down.
The primary reason the color of the bird drives up cost is matter of supply and demand. There are more grey fowl than white fowl. This makes white fill more rare and therefore more expensive.


A cold climate country is the only source for the highest quality down. Down from Siberia or Hungary is a better quality level than down from a southern climate country.

FACT: Fill power determines the quality of the down and its ability to insulate. Country or region of origin does not determine the quality of down.
Many of our competitors market their products using the origin of the bird as a selling feature e.g. Siberian goose down comforter. In fact, you can find a higher fill power down cluster in France just like you can in Hungary,it depends on the bird.


Can you get Avian Flu by?

FACT: The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is the government agency responsible for regulating down and feather. They do not allow any down or feather to be imported into the USA unless it has been sterilized. This sterilization process kills bacteria and viruses, including the avian fl u virus.
At Pacific Coast®, we demand an even higher level of cleanliness to assure our down and feather bedding.


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